Like a Flower
© 2009 - Ben Heine
A Flower For You

By Peter S. Quinn

A flower for you to adore,
When spring seethe here now on;
With colors and shades even more,
Until every fragrance is gone.
A rose in my garden will grow,
Blushing so pure and so hot;
Until there is here again snow,
When its petals again will then rot.
Each time when a season is new,
And everything's growing alive;
We have then regretting so few,
For we do not in winter strive.
A bouquet of wild blooming flowers,
Enriched by all fragrance therein;
Will give you the beauty for hours,
If hue with your heart inter twin.
Remember the love precious one,
The bloom newly cut and fresh;
That came from wilderness sun,
Is sweet smelling - less and less...