Meadow of Grass

By David Anthony

I lie here in this meadow of grass
Counting clouds as they pass

Day dreaming without a care
The soft wind blowing through my hair

The warm sun feels good on my bare skin
I wish this feeling would never end

But soon the dark clouds reappear
Bringing back all my fears

To never feel the warmth of her hand
To never see her beauty again

To only know her leaving words
To only remember those piercing swords

To never feel her gift of love
To never be her only one

The rain pours down on me all around
Drowning out all the sounds

No birds' songs no crickets' chirps
No way to avoid all this hurt

I want to run but cannot move
My body feels the overwhelming blue

Then a rainbow shows through the lightning and rain
To remind me soon there will be no more pain

The sun comes again as the dark clouds pass
And my dreams return in this meadow of grass

(The poem appeared on authorsden.com)