A Flower for You
© 2009 - Ben Heine
Abstract painting on paper
A Flower of
Blossom Dim

A poem by Peter S. Quinn

I want to touch your inner wing
With a kiss of my dark
Whereas the hours of night sing
With tones of the lark
A flower of blossom dim
My heart on to you will try
With emotions of whimsy whim
That opens up winter sky

Oh hold me in darkness long
With flowers of blackness blue
And give me your night love song
That comes with a cleansing thru
What have you here given me?
That is from the other site
And becomes in my fluid free
When we our love have tried

Sweetness so ever in deep
From roots of the fallen heart
Ours forever to keep
When lights again shall start
Trust every footstep's embrace
That beats the stoned road on
There are many turning ways
To get back when lights are gone