Song to Milky
Way Far

A poem by Peter S. Quinn

Bring me the songs that are gone
Everything is in the past
I once thought the sun always shone
But now I know nothing will last
Dreams are like dreams everyday
Giving you something of pleasure
On they just turn and play
Filling my mind with leisure

Hope is like the moon in the dark
Just before clouds hide it out
Then again suddenly it will spark
Filling with gleam darkness about
Empty but bright some thoughts are
Filling the mind with promises too
Just like a wish or the Milky Way far
Nothing will come - nothing will do

Give me the poems that became day
Into the minds where hope stood only
Leading rare commodities giving a way
For everyone that's from paradise lonely
Rich is the earth - everything gets lost
All shorts of moods have been with me
Many track stones I have crisscrossed
Some were stepping others would-be