Listen to Wisdom

© 2009 - Ben Heine
A photo I took in the Belgian countryside
Freedom Is To
You Calling

A poem by Peter S. Quinn

Freedom is to you calling,
Give life a heart so brave;
Each night hours are falling,
Into a dim hollow grave.
Hatred can be bottomless,
If you'll allow it to be;
But life is so fresh,
If it becomes all free.

Days by days will end,
But love can never so do;
Only down it will bend,
If it's not completely true.
Evening becomes a night,
Gathering shadows around;
Hold your feelings all right,
Lost can again be found.

Freedom is truth wearing,
Never a lie there inside;
Everyone else bearing,
Not from ourselves there hide.
You can grow out wisdom,
If the right seeds are sown;
For the conditions are calm,
If you acknowledge and atone.