Belgacom Towers

A reflection of the Belgacom Towers located in Brussels.
The buildings take their name from the leading telecommunications
. They are among the tallest skyscrapers in Belgium.
Canal of Brussels

One of the oldest navigable canals
in Belgium and in Europe.
Construction work began in 1550 and lasted until 1561.
Enjoying the Moment

Peaceful moment in the gardens of
"Le Mont des Arts", a famous Belgian place...
Enjoying the Moment

A poem by Peter S. Quinn

Enjoying the moment
In its day by going day
Their feature and foment
That’s coming the way
With sunshine spirits on
And touching a while
Until it’s again gone
With its summer smile

Like breeze in the alley
Among dreams going by
Of an urban dillydally
Under blue open sky
Contacts thru moments
Those feelings do employ
In picturesque fragments
Of buoyancy to enjoy

Listen to the fussing
Of people walking near
Some of it’s quite buzzing
Inside the close-by ear
As days go here about
Thru the lively street
Surrounded by turnout
In latest gladness beat
The above photos have been shot with the Samsung NX10, which
has been provided to me by Samsung Digital Imaging Co., Ltd.

I've taken these photos 2 days ago in Brussels.
More photos from my city.

© 2010 - Ben Heine