by Pandemia Fanzine (*)
Describe briefly who you are and what you've done so far.

Hello, I’m a Belgian visual artist. I invented “Pencil Vs Camera” and “Digital Circlism”. I’ve been painting and drawing since 1995 and I started taking photos in 2002.

What are your influences?

Mainly Surrealism and Pop Art.

Tranquility and silence, or movement and music while working?

Definitely music, I wouldn’t be the same person if I didn’t listen to all sorts of music. Music really feeds my soul. Silence makes me dizzy and sleepy…

Do you tend to have a clear idea of what you do in arts or your works are the result of millions of tests?

Each new creation is the result of a long personal evolution but I don’t make millions of tests. I only follow my daily inspirations. It works most of the time.

How did you come to the Pencil Vs Camera series?

By coincidence, one day, I saw something happening through a piece of paper. And I thought it would be great to develop this idea, to draw things on little pieces of paper and hold them in a specific environment.

Do you have a precise idea of what you want to achieve through your PvsC works?

I always have a clear idea of what I want to do before taking the picture and before making the drawing. I only made a few improvisations. I have lots of ideas in stock. It may sound weird, but I get stuck sometimes because of this.

How do you make the magic happen, are there any digital tricks in your PvsC works?

There are 4 methods to make “Pencil Vs Camera” creations. I’ve already explained them in a previous interview. All these traditional and digital techniques are quite basic and simple for me. It is the imagination and the messages you convey that matter more. It always is a real “hand made” drawing in all the PvsC works. My only goal is to make people dream and travel in other universes through creativity and visual innovation.

What tools do you usually use in your everyday work?

Pencils, paper, camera, computer, canvases, acrylic painting, oil painting, watercolor, ink, pastels... A bit of everything. It depends on what I’m working on. Now, I’m in a PvsC phase, but I'm sure it will be something totally different in a few months.

A spacecraft travelling at the speed of light, do you think the headlights will work?

I don’t know, nobody knows, no one has tried it yet...

Tell us only one word that describes your job.


Suppose that each person corresponds to an animal, what kind of animal are you, taking into account your work, your personality and style?

I’d definitely be a flying animal, I think I could be an owl.

Look at this picture and tell us what you see in it or what it means for you.

I see a face, 2 eyes, a nose, hair, mouth…
It’s a mysterious picture, a bit scary...

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