Ben by J. Bosco

DUSTIN BRYSON: Tell us about yourself without including your profession or artistic background.

BEN HEINE: Well, I’m a human being willing to share my art with other human beings.

What fills your thoughts as you create your art? ie., Chaos, love, childhood, cheeseburgers...

Here are a few words that constantly come to my mind when I’m working on a new project: freedom, friendship, love, illusion, mystery, originality, environment, oxygen, childhood, innocence…

Do you carefully compose your photos with the end result in mind or do you sort of "wing" it?

I usually have an idea of what will be the end result when I take a photo. I sometimes readjust it afterwards when it’s necessary.

What do you enjoy photographing the most?

My favorite subjects so far are: nature, animals, architecture, people

How has social media affected you and your art?

It’s very nice and enriching to get constructive feedbacks from people who follow you. I also like this friendly atmosphere.

If you lost the ability to illustrate, what would you do? Would you continue pursuing another art form or would your entire lifestyle change?

I have already thought about that… I’m sometimes wondering what I would do if I lost my hands in an accident for example. That may sound crazy, but I would take this as an opportunity to try new forms of art, being obliged to use other tools. So definitely, whatever happens to me in the future, I would continue my creative quest.

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