This is another long exposure photo. I love how scary Caroline looks... (see a detail here below). This picture is the result of an improvised collaboration with my long time friend Stoff (make sure to check out his page , there are some amazing creations to view).

The silhouette on the left is me using Stoff's camera to "flash" the model while my own camera (placed on another tripod just behind me) was capturing the moment =D

Stoff makes incredible "orbs" by playing with home made light sources. Luckily, Caroline Madison was there with us... I first "flashed" her, while stoff was doing the magic orb in the middle of the composition.

I recently took this photo by night at the seaside in Hastings, while I was travelling to the UK for an exhibition in London (Battersea Affordable Art Fair). I lived in Hastings from 2002 to 2003, it was so nice to be there again!

Random detail/zoom:

- Detail - Ghost (Ben Heine)

Extra picture from this shooting:

- Extra Picture - Stoff (Ben Heine)

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