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Naughty little rabbit with something in mind! 1) Know your goal 2) Undress the subject 3) Jump on the subject 4) Keep the carrot for later... Model: Suzy. I initially wanted to draw Jessica as a princess with a giant crown toad in her hands but I rather decided to draw this naughty bunny, because I always wanted to do something funny and special for "Pencil Vs Camera - 69", in a cute way. To be completely honest, this image has a symbolic meaning. It's not what you think, it represents something else for me.

I took this photo in Anderlecht, Belgium, not so long ago... I also made the drawing as usual. You can view the sketch in progress here below, 2 random details at this link and a preparatory picture from another angle here. (This is part of "Pencil Vs Camera Beta Version", see the complete "Pencil Vs Camera album" here.)

Sketch in progress: