Creative explosion, ideas, brainstorming, flexibility, technologies, energy and hard work! A great façade for an even greater working space! I made this image for VIP Offices, a fantastic and innovative agency for freelance people, based in Brussels. I took the photo and also made the sketch as usual. I know there are many elements on the piece of paper (more than usual), it's because this artwork is meant to be printed in a huge size.

I will be exhibiting many new prints at VIP Offices starting from the 26th of September, if you're around, I'd be really happy to see you there. (You can view the whole Pencil Vs Camera album at this link).

Some random details:


Here is an interesting review I received for this picture on my deviantART account from Kalistina. I'm sharing it here below because I think it's a good analysis:

The Pencil Vs Camera series is an impressive (and widely acclaimed) collection of mixed media pieces, combining pencil drawing, photography and photo manipulation to make multiple realities collide in a single image.

Photography is a medium that deals with physical reality. Because it involves a lens mechanism to record the luminous trace of a physical object, it literally cannot create anything. Drawings, unlike photography, deal with abstract realities. They’re not bound by existence, plausibility or chromatic aberrations; their only limit is their artist’s mind and their ability to convey the images they imagine to the medium they’re drawing on (be it a piece of paper, a wooden plank or a computer). By essence, many drawings deal with the creation of something new, whereas photography focuses on (re)presentation of something that already exists.

(...) I feel Pencil Vs Camera is a perfect concretization of this ontological fact. The way Ben uses pencil drawings to introduce extraordinary elements to the otherwise believable physical reality he initially photographed, specifically interests me because it’s trans-medium. The resulting pieces are neither drawings, photographs or photo manipulations - they’re above this categorization.

In Pencil Vs Camera 71, we see the façade of a building get blown open by a man in a suit’s punch, opening the way for countless objets in what looks like a creative explosion. The contrast between the building’s relatively conservative structure and the runaway creations makes me think of what I feel art should thrive to become - a disturbance to the spectators’ otherwise ordinary lives.

In the main character, the one punching the wall out, I see a successful artist bound by none of the usual rules of society - be it money, masks or work. I also see a creative genius, infecting the world with new concepts, new perspectives, new ideas.

Considering the fact that this image is dedicated to a creative environment for freelancers (who typically refuse the usual constraints of society), I can’t help but feel this is an open invitation to individual empowerment. And I’m all for that.