Debate at the EU Parliament

Hubert Heine - 2013
Proud to say my father, Hubert Heine, recently organized and animated an important public debate at the European Parliament between a group of European citizens and Member of the European Parliament Philippe Lamberts to discuss about the following topics: How to improve the European economy, strengthen European democracy, increase European citizens' rights and reorganize the European institutions...

It's the second time my father gets involved in such an important event. Two years ago, he organized a debate with several other Members of the European Parliament including Louis Michel, Isabelle Durant and Mathieu Grosch. I really admire my father's will to defend European Citizens' rights...

Hubert Heine and Philippe Lamberts
Our conference room at the Parliament
Hubert Heine, Louis Michel, Pol Guillaume at the 2011 event
Me fooling around after the event