The Language of Love (Music and clip by Ben Heine)

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Song, composition, lyrics, production,
clip and cover photos: © 2015 Ben Heine

The Language of Love
Lyrics by Ben Heine

I came here for no reason 
Travelling all alone 
Right outside my little plane 
I got lost in the rain 

I crossed the pearly gate 
Looking for a soul mate 
Then I saw you in the crowd 
Flying on a voodoo cloud 

We escaped as an eclipse 
We fell deep in the bliss 
We forgot time and space 
We enjoyed this mighty place 

Your beauty woke me up 
You showed me your world 
Everything seemed possible 
As if I knew you forever 

You opened me your door 
Granting me passion and trust 
What we were looking for 
Infinity and star dust 

We walked on the same rainbow 
At night, side by side 
Not thinking about tomorrow 
We spoke the language of love

Heartbeats and earthquakes 
Kisses and Caresses 
They all resonate 
When I'm asleep or awake 

And now you're far away 
But we made that special wish 
That we would meet soon again 
The fire can't be extinguished 

It's just a matter of time 
Until our hearts stop bleeding 
Our souls will be fine 
If the sun keeps on shining