Nichita Stanescu
"The only real things which we take with us in the end are our own feelings, our loves, our hates and adversities. I ask myself: at the end of life, what will we leave outside? I suppose we can leave some feelings, less of hate, some of passion, but... especially of love." (Nichita Stanescu)
An animal comes
and eats a boulder.
Then a barking dog comes,
which eats a rock.
Then a sort of nothing comes,
which eats sand.
Then I come and I eat this echo.
Echo of what?
Echo of “don't know what”
(Nichita Stanescu)

Nichita Stanescu was a Romanian poet and essayist. He is one of the most acclaimed contemporary Romanian poets, beloved by the public and generally held in esteem by literary critics.

Nichita Stanescu finished high school in Ploiesti, then went on to study Romanian language and literature in Bucharest, graduating in 1957. He made his literary debut in the Tribuna literary magazine.

Stanescu married Magdalena Petrescu in 1952, but the couple separated a year later. In 1962 he married Doina Ciurea. In 1982 he married Todoriţa "Dora" Tarita.

For much of his career, Stanescu was a contributor to and editor of Gazeta Literara;, România Literara; and Luceafarul.

His editorial debut was the poetry book Sensul iubirii ("The Aim of Love"), which appeared under the Luceafarul selection, in 1960. The last volume of poetry published in his lifetime was Noduri si semne ("Knots and Signs"), published in 1982.

Nichita Stanescu received numerous poetry awards, of which the most important was the Herder Prize (1975) as well as a Nobel Prize nomination.

Unfortunately, he died of hepatitis relatively young, leaving behind a legendary name and some of the most important poetry in post-war Romanian literature
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