B. Heine by Marcin Bondarowicz
Graphic art by Marcin Bondarowicz
This is a portrait of me by the talented Polish artist Marcin Bondarowicz (visit his Website and online portfolio). Marcin makes paintings and cartoons with an incredible and unique style. He masters a large quantity of graphic techniques (Read his full biography below).

There is a long "portrait story" between Marcin and I. See, for instance the first portrait he did of me and the first portrait I did of him.

Now, it's my turn again and I intend to make a painting, not a simple cartoon. But I must say that I really don't know how I could do better than the above image...

Thank you Marcin, you know how much I admire you and your splendid work. (The image below is Marcin's latest graphic production)
Marcin Bondarowicz is a painter, cartoonist and photographer. He was born in 1976 in Starachowice, Poland. He lives now in Poland as a freelance artist. He also publishes his cartoons on several Websites dedicated to the cartoons.

Marcin Bondarowicz works in traditional and digital graphic. He is doing all sort of illustrations in various techniques such as: oil painting, acrylic, computer illustration. Marcin has recently been working as a journalist specialized into press illustration.

Education and qualifications

The Instytut of Technology in Radom: Poland [ masters degree in graphic design and painting ]
Here are some of Marcin’s achievements and rewards :

· Leader of artistic set in 1991

· Rewarded by Rector for active work during study

· Prize winner in a competition for a poster connected with preventing drug habit and integration of local community

· Prize winner in a photo competition: International Year of The Family in 1994-2004, subject mother and a child USA 2004

· The Nomination for the reward in the International Cartoon Competition Satyrykon 2005, category humor and social satire Poland

· The Special Award in BIRD2005 International Art Award CHINA

· The Bronze Prize in The 2nd WINE International Invitation Cartoon Exhibition CHINA 2005

· The Honourable Mentions [FOR-PENCIL] in The International Competition of Graphic Humour FOR pro FOR 2006 [Joke for For 2006 ] Praha, Czech Republic 2006

· Finalist of Sprito di Vino 7th International Competition for young artists of satirical cartoons concerning World Wine, Italy 2006

· Laureat The International Competition of Graphic Humour FOR pro FOR 2006 Praga Czechy - Honourable FÓR- pencil

· Sezond Prize in The Competition of a Caricature and a Short Comic Strip – Serbia 2006 THE CARICATURE WITHOUT WORDS - Free Form

· First Prize in The 6th International Contest of Pictorial Humour and Flash Humour "New technologies" BARAKALDO 2006 Spain

· Honorable Mention in The Second Baku International Cartoon Contests-2006

· Honourable Prize in The 1th International China Olympic Cartoon Competition for January, 2007

Marcin Bondarowicz has cooperated as an illustrator and sarcastic drawer with newspapers such as :

Harvard Business Review Poland, Manager Magazyn Polish Edition, BusinessWeek Polish Edition, Poland Monthly, Przegląd Podatkowy, Puls Biznesu, Gazeta Bankowa, Dziennik Zachodni, Integracja Europejska, Nowy Robotnik, Trybuna Robotnicza, Najwyższy CZAS, Regiony, Nowy Tygodnik Popularny, Gazeta Samorządu i Administracji, Le MONDE Diplomatique, Yeni Akrep – New Skorpion International Cartoon Magazine, INPRECOR Correspondance de presse internationale, KIKS and many more.
Marcin Bondarowicz (Ben Heine © Cartoons)