© 2008 - Ben Heine

I was recently invited by Benjamin Moriamé to host a conference on the theme "Art and Militancy" at the FUCID (FUCID, in English: "University Foundation of International Cooperation for Development"). I explained my evolution as a political illustrator, I spoke about the importance of political art nowadays and I also focused on the limits of freedom of expression in political cartooning.

I've illustrated in the past several bulletins published by the FUCID. The FUCID is a non-governmental organization located in the University campus of Namur, Belgium. It intends to bring lasting social, political and environmental changes and promotes solidarity and citizenship.

Warm thanks to Benjamin Moriamé for inviting me and for giving me the chance to use my freedom of speech and have an interesting debate with students. Benjamin Moriamé is a Belgian journalist working for the FUCID and as a freelance for La Libre Belgique, Le Soir, Vers l'Avenir and several other magazines.