Alix Bryan
Scooting for Peace


Scooting for Peace from Alix Bryan on Vimeo.

I've already made a blog post about Alix Bryan in the past, but I wanted to share with you all this fantastic video she made about her whole adventure on her scooter.

She explains:

I will call this a minimentary. Too short to be a documentary, too long for most people to watch.

The video covers most everything about the 22,000 mile trip; the concept, interviews, scenery, scooter community, elements of nature, mishaps and the godawful process of packing/unpacking everyday.

I sorted through 15 hours of footage and worked on it for 3 days.

It is my first endeavor at sitting down to make a good video. I learned a lot this round and hope that I can integrate that knowledge into some future projects. I used iMovie and had to shuffle clips between computer and external hard drive. Before compression it was 28 Gigs.

*My apologies that the sound and audio DON'T line up in the beginning. Extracting audio and moving it up didn't help either. Hmm.

Also check out her site! Thumbs up, Alix, for everything!

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