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Dear Cartoonists,

We think that "World Cartoon" is not developing well. Considering the cartoon contests ''with themes'', it is possible to come across a lot of images with similar ideas. Beside the fact that several cartoon contests have launched awards for similar works, we are also frequently facing criticisms on the very fundamentals of political cartoonism. We have prepared some questions focussing on these concerns and aiming to discuss on some important issues for cartoonists. Would you be so kind to write down some short answers to these questions so that we may do something to solve some problems we encounter today, and go ahead in our political views and artistic discipline.

5 questions:

1) How do you think we can solve the problem of "similar cartoons"? What can be done?

2) According to us, the biggest responsibles of ''similar cartoons" are jurors of the contests. We have an idea to avoid similarities in cartoons: exhibit all the entries for a contest in online galleries. This should maintain healthy results and a better variety in final cartoons. ''Don Quichotte'' has already launched this method since a long time. Do you have any different suggestions about that?

3) What is your opinion on ''Censorship"?' Should it be applied to cartoons? If yes, then what are the borders?

4) We find more and more images reaching the perfection technically speaking, we think they are almost close to the ''illustration'' process and it seems they are more dealing with plastic arts rather than with the traditional cartoon discipline which is based on very simple lines with a powerful message. What's your opinion about that?

5) What kind of structures do the cartoonists need to act in solidarity, organized as a whole against lawsuits for instance? We need your alternative suggestions in order to create a much stronger and international cartoon unity, shoulder to shoulder. Do you have any bright ideas about that?

Dear Cartoonists, as we have mentioned, your responses to these questions can greatly contribute to solve future problems among the "World Cartoon Community". We appreciate your efforts and thank you for sharing your thoughts and time for this poll.

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Here below are my own answers/suggestions:

1) There are often similar sources of inspiration for artists in a globalized world, but the graphic carrying out and stylized personal interpretations will always be different. I think originality and intelligence must be crucial points when it comes to judge/rate/assess a cartoon or a cartoonist.

2) Good idea to show publicly all the received submissions, so that the participating artists are aware of what has already be done for a specific contest. I think that's the best solution indeed.

3) Untill recently, I had the illusion that the web was a democratic area where people could share their ideas and exchange their views. This was an ideal of total and healthy freedom of expression's spirit. But I was quite wrong. There is a strong global "code of conduct" on the web like in the reality. It's a difficult question, because norms and dogmas are linked to culture in general. And there are as many cultures as there are coutries, languages, religions, etc... In other words, we're all shocked by different things. Before the revolution of the information and communication technologies, it wasn't a big deal, but now that everyone can access anything in just a few clicks, it makes everything more complicated.

4) I think there is a huge confusion between cartoons and illustrations even among the artists themselves. Yes, a cartoon should be simple, just a few lines with a powerful semantics/meaning. An illustration should also deliver an important message but the realization process is different, more texture, more details, more shades... close to traditional painting. May be we should make a distinction at DonQuichotte between cartoons and illustrations...?

5) I think our "DonQuichotte Cartoon Association" already represents a sort of solidarity community, but there should be a judicial branch/body to it. There should be one big international structure. There is already the FECO (at national and international levels) but in my view, it lacks of unity and popularity.

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