My Boat Wants To Sail
© 2009 - Ben Heine
A picture I took near "Mont Saint Michel" in France...
My Boat
Wants To Sail

By Peter S. Quinn

My boat is all alone
On the weaving mystic sea
Like a bottom pebble stone
That cannot become free
Blue white billow's high
In their faraway circling around
Surround it there and tie
On deep abyss own playground

My boat wants to sail
Through oceans of unknown
In search of a fresh trail
Where easy wind has blown
But brine seas are deep
And get so much there lost
Commitments cannot keep
On rocky shores get tossed

Sea dreams won’t elapse
If we can find their way
Sail through hidden traps
Reefs that with ridge play
My boat wants to find
The freedom of the deep
And leave old scenes behind
That my turret can’t keep