He is a very good friend of mine. His name is
Rami, he is such a kind and honest man.

I took the photos with the Samsung NX10, which has
been provided to me by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Come On In - Silent Night

A poem by Peter S. Quinn
Come on in with your singing on so bright
The carols of love and every bearing
Bring forth peace with harmonious interfering
So we me catch the highest of clear light
Come to my heart and take out its senses
With melodious in its wondrous beauty
Like the northern lights twilight's sequences
The newborn in their destiny are free
A silent night comes to each man heart
With twinkling stars and the wishes that call
For harmony and prospect to this earth
Let each you’re inspiring from inside start
And be like the stars that for wishes must fall
To celebrate again Jesus Christ's birth
2010 - Ben Heine