Interview For Der Bildbearbeiter

Working on "Walking Lion" animation

What education do you have? Did you study?

I have a degree in Communication/Information. I also briefly studied Painting and Sculpture in an Art School in UK. You can view a short version of my CV on LinkedIn.
Did you learn your illustrating techniques by yourself?

Yes indeed, I learned most of the techniques I’m using on my own. I’m a self taught person in drawing and in Digital Photography (although I learned the basics of analog photography in my Journalism studies). 

Working on "Walking Lion"
What Software do you use? Do you use Photoshop or a 3D Software?

I use Adobe Photoshop mainly in my digital photography work and for some graphic projects. For my music projects, I use Ableton Live.

Do you still remember your very first commissioned artwork? If you do, what was it?

It was a large traditional acrylic painting featuring Buddha for an Asian restaurant in Hastings, UK. I was 18 y/o.

How would you describe your style? How did it develop through the years?

Many people tell me that my photos look like paintings. It’s because I paint and draw on them. Also, I’m mainly known for “Pencil Vs Camera”, a series mixing drawing and photography. So "mixed media" is what I'm the best at. This could be my style.
Working on "Walking Lion"

Where do you find your themes and subjects? Where does your inspiration come from?

I find inspiration mainly by observing people around me and by living intense experiences and emotions but strangely, inspiration comes from small and insignificant events most of the time.

What would you advise our readers to do to become an illustrator like you?

I would tell them to keep working hard and try developing a concept that has never been done before. Also, I'd suggest them to think about other jobs too, haha.

When you get a request for a new illustration, how do you start? (Do you make a lot of research? Do you travel to a particular place?)

I usually receive requests by email and then I choose the collaborations I find the most interesting. In some cases, I travel to meet the clients. It helps getting better results sometimes.
At Culinaria festival
Working with clients can be difficult, as they have their idea in mind that may not correspond with yours. How do you cope with such situations?

Exactly, it’s often difficult for both parties to be totally happy with the final work, so it’s important to establish the terms of collaboration from the beginning and to anticipate such conflicts.

Do you have a favorite image, which you have made yourself?

I would say this image is currently one of my favorite ones.

Who are your role models?

I admire people who managed to change the world in a positive way and who succeeded in bringing a bit of happiness and enjoyment in people’s life.
What do you do to relax?

I spend time with my family and I also like playing video games just to relax my brain between the projects I’m involved in.

Printed publication and interview in Der Bildbearbeiter, 2013

(*) Der Bildbearbeiter is a magazine about art and design for professionals. It's based in Germany.