The Way To Her Heart
© 2009 - Ben Heine
My sweet Marta.

A poem by Peter S. Quinn

Beautiful evening comes,
In sweet rendezvous melody;
Like the silvery amalgams,
With it's wings so playfully.
Daybreak in orange grove,
In the blue blossomy;
That comes for a night glow,
And late hours so bonny.

Where can a brownie be,
That loves a glitter bloom;
And flies a round a tree,
Like summer's little groom.
Heart as gold at daybreak,
When the fairies all fly in;
Newborn in morning wake,
With their little fluffy spin.

Then starts the new singing,
For what was quiet and still;
The fiery light is clinging,
Over the sleepy drown hill.
Come closer you new day,
With breeze there roundabout;
Amid rose bay in the way,
Taking away the nights doubt.