Lost Girafe on the Highway
Daydreaming Is
Often Bad

A poem by Peter S. Quinn

Daydreaming is often bad
Getting you nowhere at time
Living with once that you had
When it was early and prime

With every move and sensation
Giving you much to think
Love in its much tarnation
Into each catch like a blink

Riding on clouds to the far
Into the beguiled of their dark
Knowing sometimes what you are
Before on journeys you embark

When there's time just to know
What it is that you give me?
In every up and air blow
When we on dreams ride free

And if we are lost by a heart
In darker moments than some
Knowing when again then to start
To bring back where good is from

When we dream much of it
It isn't going to hurt us so much
We shall have time then to quit
Before it ever becomes to be such